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There’s not much on the radio that makes lyrics worth listening to. However, the English band MUSE, has released a few toe tapper’s. But more importantly, if you listen, you’ll hear a strawman-esque message ….REVOLUTION ….REVELATION! It seems that MUSE views the world the same way STRAWMAN does: the suppression of truth, the depression of the populace…an agenda driven by culture creators for thought control over their brothers and sisters.
Check out the lyrics and videos for two songs (UPRISING & RESISTANCE):
Uprising –video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8KQmps-Sog
Uprising –lyrics http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/m/muse/uprising.html
The paranoia is in bloom, the PR, the transmissions will resume
They’ll try to push drugs, keep us all dumbed down and hope that
We will never see the truth around…

Resistance-video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPE9uSFFxrI
Resistance-lyrics http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/m/muse/resistance.html
Kill your prayer for love and peace, you‘ll wake the thought police
We can‘t hide the truth inside…

What needs to be said to preface the game today?  It’s the final, and a team that has never won it before will emerge as the victor.

Spain v. Netherlands

Spain returned to world number 2 form in their semi-final versus Germany, winning 1-0 but looking dominant and controlling the ball with the ease and flair that has had the bandwagon jumpers in full flight (hello MR. ERICA).  The Netherlands had a tougher time with a spry Uruguay team, winning 3-2 with the aid of a seeing eye goal off the foot of Sneijder.  I believe the Dutch will face the same troubles as the Germans did in battle with Spain – simply wresting the ball away from Spanish players will be a task let alone generating scoring chances.  This game should be won at midfield, where both teams are world class.  Spain’s engine has been Iniesta, setting the stage with great vision and precision passing, while the Dutch have the aforementioned Sneijder who has emerged as one of the stars of the tournament, and seems to be charmed when it comes to making something happen.

What they need to do to win:

SPAIN – play like they did against Germany.  Keep the ball away from the Dutch, pick their moments, and get the ball to Villa who is deadly at any range.

NETHERLANDS – take a tip from Paraguay – get in the passing lanes, which will create turnovers and help to frustrate the Spaniards.  I hate to say it but Arjen Robben has to keep up his simulation dives, which has garnered the Dutch some nice set play position, and that may be the only way the Dutch will score, since the Spanish defence is so strong.

In light of their last games Spain has to be the favorite, and if they win I am sure the score will be 1-0.  But then again, I had a dream, and in that dream the Oranje hoisted the golden cigarette lighter at the end of the tourney.  Not sure how they will do it, but they will find a way.

FINAL – Netherlands 2 Spain 1
FLEAROY – Spain 2 Dutch 0
MR. ERICA – probably something silly like 4-0, but he’d say Spain

Betting odds:  Spain +100 (even odds) Dutch +300 (lay $100 to win $300)

The day before the big game is here, and it’s consolation time.  There’s some debate as to whether or not this game should even be played, because who really cares who comes 3rd?  Believe it or not there is some drama associated with this game, and some decent prize money, so it could prove to be interesting.

Uruguay v. Germany

Uruguay will be looking to have there best showing since they last won the cup God-knows-when – they finished 4th in 1970, while Germany will be motivated primarily to getting striker Klose the two goals he needs to be the all-time leading scorer in World Cup history.  Klose and Diego Forlan both still have an outside chance at the golden boot award, each of them trailing Villa of Spain and Schneider of the Netherlands by one going into play today.

There is some question if either star will play, as Klose is ailed by a back injury and Forlan nursing a thigh knock from the game against the Dutch.  I wouldn’t expect this game to be contested too vigorously, but there are some stakes to be had, so it should be at least competitive.  Germany could be missing Kheidera and Oezil which would hurt their chances of victory, especially if Klose is shut down.  Bet shops love Germany, but if Forlan is in form I like an upset here.

FINAL – Uruguay 2 Germany 1
FLEAROY – Germany 4 Uruguay 0
MR. ERICA – is still wearing the same underpants since Spain made the quarters

It’s being bandied about as a sure classic, one for the ages, and a semi-final fit for a final – let’s hope the match today between Germany and Spain lives up to expectations.

Spain v. Germany

Spain has been a shadow of the team that wowed in Euro 2008, while the Germans have played the most exciting football of the tournament so far.  This is a rematch between the two teams who vied for the 2008 Euro cup, a game where Fernando Torres scored the winner in a 1-0 Spain victory.  It’s unlikely that Torres will repeat his heroics this time around, as he is still not in full form following surgery earlier this year, and he may not even see action in this game.  His participation will largely depend on the quality of Cesc Fabregas, who has leg and/or shoulder issues, depending on what report you are reading.  The Spanish side is much better with Fabregas creating space and delivering to his forwards than with a subpar Torres, who has yet to play a full game in South Africa.  Also of some question is the availability of Carles Puyol who may not be fit enough to display his regular world-class defence.  This could be a key factor in how Spain fares in this game, as their reknown ball control game has been lacking but their defence has been stellar up to this point in the tournament.  Goal scoring duties fall to David Villa – he shares the goal scoring lead with 5 goals to this point, and it’s a safe bet that if and when Spain hits the scoreboard Villa’s name will be mentioned.

The Germans have played some decent defence of their own, allowing only 1 goal so far in 5 games.  Captain Lamb has the duty of guarding Villa, and he’s likely game for the challenge.  Germany has surprised many getting this far and in such good form, astounding even the truest of German supporters, playing a fast-paced attacking style, with their best chances coming on the counter-attack.  The emergence of youngsters Oezil and Muller have the Germans feeling confident coming into this game, although they will be without the 20 yr.old Muller and his four goals due to yellow cards.  It remains to be seen if Germany can overcome this loss, but they’re hardly without goal scoring ability with big game players Klose and Podolski ready to step up.

The bet shops have Spain as a slight favorite, which given recent form I can’t quite understand.  The talk is that Spain has faced defensive minded teams only so far and that they are ready to break out against Germany, but the Germans skill and speed on the backend is underestimated in this regard.  I do agree that this game will come down to ball control versus counter attack, and I’ve seen much more of the latter from Germany than I have the former of Spain.  I see Villa and Klose hitting the back of the net today, and the match does live up to it’s hype.  Despite making it as far as any Spanish team has before this is where it all ends for captain/keeper Iker Casillas’ team.

FINAL – Germany 3 Spain 2
FLEAROY – Germany 2 Spain 0 – Calling it early, Germany will win their fourth World Cup title to tie the Italians. The next World Cup in 2014, Brazil will win their sixth as the host country. So everyone can pack it up and go home World Cup is over and you know who wins.
MR. ERICA – is camped outside some Spanish bar hoping for a seat near the rear exit.

Down to the final four….

Netherlands v. Uruguay

It’s not unexpected that the Dutch would be vying for a place in the final at this year’s cup, but I doubt many would have picked Uruguay to be there, yet both teams are deserving.  Neither has lost a game in this tournament – a run that will end for one of these teams today (aren’t you glad you read this blog for all my key insight?).  The Dutch are the clear favorite coming in – they’ve bested the world number 1 (which I remind you I predicted) and did so in convincing style, while the Uruguayans needed a miracle turn of events at the end of their last game to make it this far. 

Netherlands will be fielding almost the same team that beat Brazil, save for one missing starter, while Uruguay will be out four starters, two to injury and two to suspension, including striker/wannabe goalie Suarez, who made the save that will go on to haunt Ghana for years to come.  I’ve enjoyed watching a charming Uruguay run in this cup, that was until Suarez boasted about now owning ‘the hand of God’ (a reference to Maradona’s famous goal v. England) – I hope he can enjoy that moment as he watches his team’s World Cup run comes to an end.  Despite being a force in this year’s contest Diego Forlan will not be able to do it all himself.

FINAL – Netherlands 2 Uruguay 0
FLEAROY where are you?
MR. ERICA is busy working his voodoo for a Spain win tomorrow

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