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I missed yesterday, save for my post on Fbook which listed Brazil 2 Cote d’Ivoire 0. That’s pretty close to the 3-1 final so that goes down as a win for me! I was a stunning 3-0 on the 19th, which makes me over .500 for the first time in this campaign. My record heading into today is 5-4.

Today’s games are about to get started, so here’s my picks real quick:

Portugal v N. Korea – I could be getting sucked in by N Korea’s performance against Brazil or maybe it’s because I don’t like Ronaldo, but I am calling a surprise score: FINAL Portugal 1 N. Korea 1

Chile v Switzerland – Can the Swiss continue the momentum and guarantee themselves top spot in the group with a win? Nope.
FINAL Switzerland 1 Chile 1

Spain v Honduras – Spain will surely not pull a Germany in their second game against the least talented squad in the group. FINAL Spain 3 Honduras 0

An added bonus beginning today – Flearoy of the band TUB is 17-11 with his picks so far and he’s agreed to let me post them here – let’s see how he does against yours truly from here on in:


Portugal 1 N Korea 0
Chile 1 Switzerland 0
Spain 2 Honduras 0

Good luck everyone!

Well I can’t figure out what’s going on – England continued their internal struggle to play well on the big stage, Germany flopped in the most un-German of ways, and Slovenia stood out as a team to watch as the tournament continues. I’m taking the tie I called in the US-Slovenia game, but I’m still a dreadful 1-4. Today’s games:

In their game with Japan the Netherlands get the chance to sew up Group E. If all goes to form for World Cup 2010 the Dutch will crumble and Japan will win a shocker. That’s not my call though – Japan wilts under Dutch power.
FINAL – Netherlands 2 Japan 0

Australia has life now that Germany has stalled. They’ll come up against a Ghana team riding high after a victory in their opener. Both teams must win in order to feel some comfort heading into their last games. I don’t think either side wins.
FINAL Ghana 2 Australia 2

Cameroon have a chance to leave the group for the round of 16 but only if they win today. Sadly for the Cameroonies they don’t have a Roger Villa to strut and dance themselves forward. Denmark is too strong on the back end, and are in a must-win situation for themselves. It’s Europe over Africa, keeping Denmark on track.

FINAL Denmark 1 Cameroon 0

Serbia enters today’s match with Germany looking up in Group D. Without a miracle win or draw their hopes of advancing are lost, and if Serbia doesn’t show more interest than they did against Ghana this game will be a thrashing. Germany is the prohibitive fave in these parts after their dismantling of Australia 4-0. I think Serbia has more to say today but no one will hear them for the German voice. FINAL – Germany 3 Serbia 1

US v. Slovenia decides who takes the second spot to the last 16. The US is superior on paper, but Slovenia tops the group and know a win in this game takes them through. I hope to see 3-2, which is possible with these teams, but instead Slovenia holds on for the tie. FINAL – US 1 Slovenia 1

England can’t bungle this one, can they? This game should end up 3-0 or worse, but perhaps Green is feeling as charitable to the Algerians as he was with the Americans? I doubt it. Algeria’s happy just to be at the tournament, while England has a squad that should (SHOULD – see France) at least make the final 8. Beckham’s boys win, but not as convincingly as they would like. FINAL – England 2 Algeria 0


Duff here – I think of myself as somewhat of a prognosticator, so here’s your World Cup betting tips for Thursday, June 17:

Nigeria V Greece

This is the game for eventual third place in Group B. Despite the thrashing they’re getting at the hands of Argentina, South Korea will find a way through to the round of sixteen, behind Messi and friends. Nigeria should prove too strong for a Greek team that is in tough at this world cup. Unless the Greeks completely outwork Nigeria I see another win for an African team. FINAL – Nigeria 2, Greece 1.

France V Mexico

Clearly the game of the day, and the loser is surely out of the running for first or second in Group A. Neither team looked great in their first games, with Mexico tying the host country and France and Uruguay battling to a scoreless draw. France has no right to be in Africa save for a handball against the hard luck Irish in qualifying, but I think they run that good fortune into a victory today. Another tie isn’t out of the question, but I see a talent-laden France besting the Mexicans today. FINAL – France 2 Mexico 1

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