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So we’re not digging into Afghani soil in search of the elusive Bin Laden? The U.S. has “stumbled” upon $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like lithium. I see why Obama has not only failed to bring home troops, but actually increased the numbers.

U.S. Identifies Vast Mineral Riches in Afghanistan

A fabulously well done animated video that explains the basics of who the STRAWMAN is, why you have one, and what it truly means.



What are your thoughts on eating Genetically Modified fish? Well, they may not matter. On September 21st, the FDA will decide whether stores will be able to sell “Frankenfish”. If approved, growth hormones will be used to grow fish twice as fast. This will be the first animal genetically engineered for human consumption.

Read more here:

A Fish Story thats tough to believe

Would you eat a genetically modified fish that’s bigger than you?

Hi everyone

It was a pleasure playing the Duke again last Saturday night. The night was a good one – great line-up of bands, solid crowd, good sound, and even a little unexpected excitement to close it out.

On the bill:

The John Holmes Club
Prodigal Son

We really enjoyed ourselves, and got to test drive a couple of new songs, and a cover to close out the evening. Our setlist was (* new songs):

The Hangover*
Locked Doors
By Design
Think of Me
No Better Time
End the Romance*
Bullet the Blue Sky (U2)

Check out End the Romance:

Videos of the show can be found at our youtube channel. Unfortunately I didn’t get any video of Prodigal Son, who almost literally burnt the place to the ground. Halfway through their set the ‘smoke machine’ went off, except the smoke machine was on the other side of the stage…..Apparently one of the power amps melted down and the smoke plumed, accompanied by the stench of burning plastic. Those of us with the sense of smell bailed as it got a little to ripe to stick it out. Quick thinking saved the day – killing the power and bathing the offending amp in extinguisher foam saved the 100+ year old Duke from seeing it’s final days!

We’d like to thank everybody who came out to support, all the other bands on the bill, George and Jimmy from the Duke, Jezla of Smash Productions and Co-op Studios, Robb Doyon for working the board, and Bonhomme from Bonetrigger for volunteering on the lights. We love the Duke, and we’ll play there again, if it doesn’t revert back to it’s country and western roots. Or maybe STRAWMAN will go country – whadya think, y’all?


STRAWMAN is back at the Duke this Saturday! Forget what you heard and seen last time. Be ready to experience what’s been brewing behind STRAWMAN’s mask.

Here is a clip from our last performance at the Duke.

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