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Here’s another example why social media is a powerful tool. With the recent “Kony” video that went extremely viral a few weeks ago, facebook users set their “like” buttons alight and “shared” the video with all their “facebook friends”. Here’s another take on the “Kony” video and its purpose. The Vigilant Citizen posted an interesting article on why the “Kony” video was created and its potential uses. It seems that the video was created and is being used as propaganda for a war in Africa. As the results showed, the “virulent” success of the video proved that social media can be used for many, more clandestine, purposes. After running the “experiment”, the creator of the controversial video was conveniently discredited when he appeared on video having a meltdown in San Diego. It is also interesting to note that the organization that created the video “Invisible Children” is funded and backed by organizations such as USAID and JP Morganwho had vested interests in the “Arab Spring” uprisings that resulted in new leadership and new investment opportunities.

Like the saying goes…..”always follow the money”…..

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I’m reposting my video blog from 2 years ago – especially important viewing if you still believe the ‘official’ story about the attacks on the US that occurred 10 years ago today….



One day early in 2011 the boys of STRAWMAN met at Co-Op Musical Machines studio in Toronto and began the adventure of making a song come to life. The trip to insanity followed step for step. End The Romance had been kicking about for awhile, but it was only this year we decided to capture the song for mass consumption and massive commercial success (yeah, right).

End the Romance is a song about addiction. Within the confines of Casa de STRAWMAN the song has become about addiction to the digital world. Twitter, Facebook, iPhones, Apps, 1000 channel television – you name it and most of us are addicted. Pretty soon your fridge will tell you when you need more milk – isn’t that awesome? I wonder what else it will be telling you, and even more interestingly, WHO else it will be telling. Yeah, perhaps I see the ongoing digitizing of the future as dubious, but why shouldn’t I? I’ll take a handshake over a friend request any day, and I can still tell when the milk is sour. At the rate which microchips are becoming instilled in our lives I wonder if future generations will have the same incredible skill of self-management, or will mothers of newborns have to ask their chipped babies when to change their diapers….

Now onto something less dour – here’s some behind the scenes footage of us in the recording studio. The video is so cleverly named ‘The Making of End the Romance’. STRAWMAN would like to thank Jezla Killz of RED and of Co-Op for recording us, CeeDee of aA Demented Production for doing the mixing, and Mr. Mystery for the final mastering.

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