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Friday August 5th marked our first gig in many months, and we are happy to say that we left all we had on stage. We were to kick off our set at 10:30pm, but as is the case with rock and roll the gig was running late and we hit the stage sometime after 11pm. Thanks to everyone who came out we had one of the biggest crowds on the floor (and surely the biggest crowd in the prison pen/bar area!). We kicked off with the first single from our album Revelation of the Method, Are You Sleeping, complete with a new intro. We followed it up with our latest single, End the Romance (available for purchase at iTunes here.)

We then debuted some new material – first came our Zeppelin-inspired rocker Too Much, followed by Ghosts Between Us, a much more progressive tune. Next we revisited ROTM by playing one of my favorite STRAWMAN songs, Isolated – a song written about brainwashing. We had two songs left to play, including an as-yet-to-be-identified cover medley, but thanks to a timing mishap we were left with one song to play. It was a newer take on an older S’MAN song, called Locked Doors. Judging by the post-set reaction Locked Doors was a crowd favorite. We are already looking to record it for release later in the fall.

Take a look at footage from the show! This is End the Romance:

Great big thank yous to Alison Gray for doing the video, Jeremy Allen for coming out and taking great pictures as always, designer par excellance JUS, Ian at Supernova, and last but not least everyone who came out to support! We hope to see you as a winner of the ExFest competition at the CNE Bandshell!


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