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What needs to be said to preface the game today?  It’s the final, and a team that has never won it before will emerge as the victor.

Spain v. Netherlands

Spain returned to world number 2 form in their semi-final versus Germany, winning 1-0 but looking dominant and controlling the ball with the ease and flair that has had the bandwagon jumpers in full flight (hello MR. ERICA).  The Netherlands had a tougher time with a spry Uruguay team, winning 3-2 with the aid of a seeing eye goal off the foot of Sneijder.  I believe the Dutch will face the same troubles as the Germans did in battle with Spain – simply wresting the ball away from Spanish players will be a task let alone generating scoring chances.  This game should be won at midfield, where both teams are world class.  Spain’s engine has been Iniesta, setting the stage with great vision and precision passing, while the Dutch have the aforementioned Sneijder who has emerged as one of the stars of the tournament, and seems to be charmed when it comes to making something happen.

What they need to do to win:

SPAIN – play like they did against Germany.  Keep the ball away from the Dutch, pick their moments, and get the ball to Villa who is deadly at any range.

NETHERLANDS – take a tip from Paraguay – get in the passing lanes, which will create turnovers and help to frustrate the Spaniards.  I hate to say it but Arjen Robben has to keep up his simulation dives, which has garnered the Dutch some nice set play position, and that may be the only way the Dutch will score, since the Spanish defence is so strong.

In light of their last games Spain has to be the favorite, and if they win I am sure the score will be 1-0.  But then again, I had a dream, and in that dream the Oranje hoisted the golden cigarette lighter at the end of the tourney.  Not sure how they will do it, but they will find a way.

FINAL – Netherlands 2 Spain 1
FLEAROY – Spain 2 Dutch 0
MR. ERICA – probably something silly like 4-0, but he’d say Spain

Betting odds:  Spain +100 (even odds) Dutch +300 (lay $100 to win $300)

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