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The day before the big game is here, and it’s consolation time.  There’s some debate as to whether or not this game should even be played, because who really cares who comes 3rd?  Believe it or not there is some drama associated with this game, and some decent prize money, so it could prove to be interesting.

Uruguay v. Germany

Uruguay will be looking to have there best showing since they last won the cup God-knows-when – they finished 4th in 1970, while Germany will be motivated primarily to getting striker Klose the two goals he needs to be the all-time leading scorer in World Cup history.  Klose and Diego Forlan both still have an outside chance at the golden boot award, each of them trailing Villa of Spain and Schneider of the Netherlands by one going into play today.

There is some question if either star will play, as Klose is ailed by a back injury and Forlan nursing a thigh knock from the game against the Dutch.  I wouldn’t expect this game to be contested too vigorously, but there are some stakes to be had, so it should be at least competitive.  Germany could be missing Kheidera and Oezil which would hurt their chances of victory, especially if Klose is shut down.  Bet shops love Germany, but if Forlan is in form I like an upset here.

FINAL – Uruguay 2 Germany 1
FLEAROY – Germany 4 Uruguay 0
MR. ERICA – is still wearing the same underpants since Spain made the quarters

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