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Down to the final four….

Netherlands v. Uruguay

It’s not unexpected that the Dutch would be vying for a place in the final at this year’s cup, but I doubt many would have picked Uruguay to be there, yet both teams are deserving.  Neither has lost a game in this tournament – a run that will end for one of these teams today (aren’t you glad you read this blog for all my key insight?).  The Dutch are the clear favorite coming in – they’ve bested the world number 1 (which I remind you I predicted) and did so in convincing style, while the Uruguayans needed a miracle turn of events at the end of their last game to make it this far. 

Netherlands will be fielding almost the same team that beat Brazil, save for one missing starter, while Uruguay will be out four starters, two to injury and two to suspension, including striker/wannabe goalie Suarez, who made the save that will go on to haunt Ghana for years to come.  I’ve enjoyed watching a charming Uruguay run in this cup, that was until Suarez boasted about now owning ‘the hand of God’ (a reference to Maradona’s famous goal v. England) – I hope he can enjoy that moment as he watches his team’s World Cup run comes to an end.  Despite being a force in this year’s contest Diego Forlan will not be able to do it all himself.

FINAL – Netherlands 2 Uruguay 0
FLEAROY where are you?
MR. ERICA is busy working his voodoo for a Spain win tomorrow

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